Shipping Policy - Engagermode
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SHIPPING POLICY has the following consumer-affable shipping procedure to guarantee fast and protected shipping:


Engager Mode requires 8-12 business days to deliver your order wherever in the world after successfully receiving your online payment.

You will receive your order confirmation, jacket availability and the tracking information when the order is ready to be shipped, will be sent via email.


For customer appreciation, we are at the moment offering worldwide shipping via expedited courier companies, which are FedEx, UPS and DHL. This is to make sure the security of your shipment. After mailing your product, we will give the tracking, so you also track your order.


Please “Do Not” provide P.O.Box/APO/FPO addresses; always give physical residential/street address for shipping. Also mention your telephone number, in case the deliver person needs directions or have any question for mailing purpose.


Customers will have to pay any kind of customs duty if it applies to the parcel.


Please remember that telling the exact time-frame could depend on product availability and size. Therefore, we may ship the order from our international manufacturing warehouse to save the labor charges and provide you the item at the most affordable rates. Contact us for any query at